Friday, May 10, 2013

Student Support Services & Student Development Activities

Students at KPTM are nurtured within a multi-cultural environment to prepare them for a successful future. The college invested millions of Ringgit to ensure that the students are familiar with modern technology and equipment to prepare them for the real world.

Student Accommodation Support

KPTM students have commented that the institution's accommodation facilities fulfilled the criteria for conducive living that included convenient transport locations with close proximity to amenities such as shops, a mosque, and cafe. Students can reach KPTM and via the Light Rail Transit (LRT), bus shuttle and taxi services with its available transportation points around the accommodation area.
Security at the Hostel Security

Students' security is a priority as it allows students the complete focus in their studies. Hostels premises are manned by trained security guards for 24 hours daily. The hostel accommodation provides students with the opportunity to interact with other fellow students. This encourages the students to develop communication skills and teamwork. Male and female students are housed separately.

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