Friday, May 10, 2013

18 February - 22 February 2013 (Week 7)

I have to make payment voucher as a proof of monetary transaction between night electronics and another parties or call as supplier. Before I key in all the detail, I have to make sure the amount in the system and invoice are same. If it same then, I can proceed with the payment, which I have to key in supplier detail, list of item with the price then sum it and prepare check for that company. Next, sent it to managing director to get his sign and prove. After that, I will call the supplier to pick up their check. This is a basic thing in account department. Doing this task I learn to be very specific person, beware when write such amount of price in system and check.

1. Check invoice. (Purchase Order Number, Date, Item, Amount)

2. Key in to the system

3. Prepare the cheque

4. Print Out Payment Voucher and send payment voucher with cheque to Managing Director. He will check and approve the transaction.

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